January 4, 2016

Looking Back - New Year's Tag

1. If you could look back on one memory from last year that you wish you could relive, what would it be?

It sounds silly but it would have to be the time I went to Six Flags with my, now, husband. It was our first time going together and we had a lot of fun.

2. 3 words to describe last year?

Unexpected, stressful, happy

3. How old will you turn in 2016?

I will be 23 *gasp* ... I'm getting old

4. Any 2016 travel plans?

I will hope so, but we're going to be really busy the first half of the year.

5. If you could travel anywhere in 2016, where would you go?

New York! I've always wanted to go.

5. What did last year teach you?

To never give up on something you believe in. 
Things always happen for a reason.
And things will always get better.

6. Something you’re looking forward to this coming year?

Meeting my little baby! Only 10 more weeks to go!

7. If you could change any bad habit in 2016, what would it be?

Not worry so much about little things.

8. What word would you choose to represent your goals for 2016?

Selfless. I now have a family to think about and care for.

9. What are you hoping for less of this coming year?

Anxiety about small stuff.

10. What is your New Year’s resolution for the upcoming year?

To just be happy and enjoy life. 

I will be back sometime this week with another post since I'm currently suffering from the flu .

October 29, 2014

Fall Outfits ♥

So it's finally getting a bit fresher where I live and I decided to create two looks that you could rock this fall.

Look #1
Casual Fall Look

The first outfit it's really casual perfect for running errands, going for coffee with friends, going shopping, etc. To recreate this outfit you use any oversize jumper you own, black leggings, a pair of combat boots and any accessories you like. Links for the exact items are listed below.

• Jumper - Blackfive
• Leggings - New Look
• Combat Boots - Forever 21
• Michael Kors Bag - Monnier Freres
• Floppy Hat - The Hut
• Scarf - Metropark
• Sunglasses - Vince Camuto

Look #2
Night Out

This outfit it's a little more glamorous but still a bit casual. Perfect for a night out with friends or a date with your significant other. To recreate this look all you need is a burgundy skirt, a white/cream jumper, tights, a pair of ankle booties, a coat, and accessories of your liking. Links to exact items are, again, listed below.

• Crop Jumper - Chicwish
• Coat - Joie 
• Skirt - Harvey Nichols
• Tights - River Island
• Jeffrey Campell 'lita' Boots - Farfetch
• Purse - Toast
• Necklace - Revolve
• Bracelets - Last Call

August 12, 2014

Robin Williams Will Live On Forever

It is so heartbreaking to realize that such a wonderful human being that dedicated his life to make people happy lost a battle against his own demons. He could not find a way out of his own darkness and now the world cries. He touched so may lives through out every character he brought to live. Many of us grew up watching his films. He brought tears to our eyes with laughter; now our tears are full of sorrow. 
I know you're now cracking jokes up in heaven.
May you rest in paradise.

Mental illness is not a joke, Robin Williams suffered from depression and now he's gone.

July 31, 2014

Jammin' In The Shower

picture via wehearit

I cannot be the only one that pretends to be a pop star in the shower.
Every time that I get in the shower I have the performance of my life haha. 
With that being said, I need the perfect music playlist for this. 
Yeah, any song is fine, but there are certain songs that make my shower all that more fun.

Below you will find a list of the songs I play while taking a shower.
If you're in your 20's or older you will know all this great hits. 
If you're younger or you just haven't listen to any song I'll be linking youtube videos.

Don't be ashamed to admit that you sing in the shower, because we have all done it at least one.
I'm sure even the President has done it at one point haha :D

Footloose - Kenny Loggins
It's Not Unusual - Tom Jones
Single Ladies - Beyonce
Bad Day - Daniel Powter
Forever - Chris Brown
Bring It All Back - S Club 7
You're The One That I Want - Grease Cast
Poker Face - Lady Gaga
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go - Wham!
Just Like A Pill - P!nk
Bye Bye Bye - N Sync
Hips Don't Lie - Shakira
Livin' La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin
This Is  How We Roll - Florida Georgia Line ft Luke Bryan
Bailando - Enrique Iglesias
Beachin' - Jake Owen
Don't - Ed Sheeran

Hope you enjoy my playlist. I don't usually listen to songs that old haha

Until next time

July 15, 2014

This or That Tag ♥

I decided to do something fun for my first post and I couldn't think of anything else but a tag.


Blush or Bronzer
Lip gloss or Lipstick
Lip Gloss
Eye liner or Mascara
Mascara (eye liner closes my eyes)
Foundation or Concealer
Neutral or Color Eye Shadow
Pressed or Loose Eye Shadows
Brushes or Sponges

OPI or China Glaze
Long or Short
Acrylic or Natural
Brights or Darks 
Whichever white falls into lol
Flower or No flower 
No flower

Perfume or Body Splash
Lotion or Body Butter 
Body Wash or Soap
Body Wash
Lush or Other Bath Company 
I haven't tried any Lush product yet (sue me) I like the ones from Bath & Body Works

Jeans or Sweat Pants
Long Sleeve or Short
Dresses or Skirts
Stripes or Plaid 
Flip flops or Sandals 
Scarves or Hats
Studs or Dangly Earrings 
Studs (My ears can't handle dangly ones)
Necklaces or Bracelets 
Heels or Flats 
Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots
Jacket or Hoodie 
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe 
Oh no! Don't make me choose!
Abercombie or Hollister
Saks 5th or Nordstrom
Too broke for this haha

Curly or Straight
I'm getting in the curly trend now. Straight became boring for me.
Bun or Ponytail
Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips
Bobby Pins
Hair Spray or Gel 
Hair Spray
Long or Short 
Light or Dark 
Dark (less work when dyeing it)
Side Sweep Bangs or Full Bangs
Side Sweep all the way. Tried full bang once. Not my style.
Up or Down

Rain or Shine
Summer or Winter
Fall or Spring 
Chocolate or Vanilla 

East coast or West coast 
Neither. Central.

So now you a little bit more about me. I might do another one a little more personal later on.

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